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CD-4000 Controller

CD-4000 ControllerBulk Weigher Scale Controller

Do you need a rail load out and receiving system that provides the greatest speed, accuracy, efficiency, and maximizes profits from your bulk weighing operation? CompuWeigh's CD-4000 offers this and more with: The fastest throughput available. The greatest accuracy available. The most reliability available.

Don't miss out on every opportunity to enhance profits!
The CD-4000 offers significant advantages, including accuracy to within 50-lbs per rail car, full color graphics and automatic scale diagnostics. You will eliminate fines and ensure maximum profits by loading to the legal limit allowed. The CD-4000 is designed to handle all types of bulk weighing applications including inbound and outbound transactions for rail, truck, barge and ship and has the following advantages over any other controller on the market.

Powerful User Interface:

All operator actions are easy to understand and use, accomplished by using simple function keys. All scale operations displayed with full color graphics and are handled from one "window"; including preparing data and running the scale.


The CD-4000 is the fastest controller on the market. This means you can do the work in less time by using fewer drafts. The CD-4000 calculates the flow rate 60 times a second and selects gate closing time to an accuracy of 1/10,000th of a second so that the weigh hopper can be safely filled to a higher level on each draft than any other controller.


When you ask for 198,500 lbs in a railcar that's what you'll get. We are able to load to within 50 lbs without any slow down in speed.


CompuWeigh's SmartTech feature automatically diagnoses scale problems and shows the operator what the problem is, where the problem is and how to fix it' - even at 2:00 am in the morning.


  • Automated Bulk Weighing
  • In Process Weighing
  • Barge Loading / Unloading
  • Rail Loading & Unloading
  • Transfer Weighing
  • ShipLoading / Unloading

Standard Features:

  • NTEP approved system (NTEP # 01-041)
  • The CD-4000 power is built upon a Single board microcomputer, heavy-duty power supply and status panel, mounted in an industrial steel enclosure that can be used either as a tabletop model or in a standard 19" rack-mount with optional hardware.
  • Industry Standard 17" Color XGA Monitor @ 1024 x 768
  • Industry Standard 104 Alpha Numeric Keyboard & Mouse
  • Cables for Printer, Monitor, Keyboard
  • The Controller has four serial ports that handle communications to the digital weight indicator, printers, PLC and our GMS-4000 System.

Available Options:

The CD-4000 is an excellent foundation if you want to upgrade to our PC "Windows" (GMS ). The good news is you can upgrade anytime in the future without replacing any equipment you purchase today. Instead, you simply build upon the CD-4000 by adding our GMS Industrial Computer and any of the following options:

  • SmartBin Real-time Bin Inventory
  • Official FGIS Grading
  • Remote Monitoring & Printing
  • SmartRead II RF Tag Identification
  • SmartBlend Auto Blending
  • Truck & Railcar RF Tag I.D.
  • SmartCar Railcar Database
  • PLC
  • Elevator Automation
  • Wizard! Reporting System
  • SmartLink to Accounting System

DWC-400 Controller

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